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About Us

About Us

Our experts provide outstanding value in the form of: high quality engineering solutions; high fuel-efficiency technologies; class-leading product innovation; and robust, well-informed strategic advice.

At JHH we are committed to delivering specialised engineering solutions for all forms of the motorsport industry and provide quality one to one customer service requirements. Our engines and cylinder heads are used all over Australia delivering winning results.

Our History

JHH was started in 1966 when drag racing was in its infancy by John Henry Hill a pioneer in the motorsport industry. By 1971 his cylinder heads dominated in drag racing, Boat and Ski racing, Rally, Motor cycle racing and Circuit racing.

Racers such as Col Dunne (Superformance), John Haines (Haines Hunter), Barry Taylor (Phase 4),Wally Puskie (V8 Drag Bike) Rod Otto (T Bucket) relied on his heads and engines to win. In the late 1980"s we noticed that 4 Valve and EFI technology was appearing more in production engines, so we set out to develop the porting design of the 4 valve heads to give maximum performance and consequently the Street Force and Race Master brand was developed.

To this day, with ongoing design, they provide the motorsport industry with the winning edge that is required for success.


Quality Products

We manufacture and stock only quality and tested products which insure our engines provide the customer with satisfaction and guaranteed performance with reliability and peace of mind.
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Reliable Service

Our capabilities allow us to manage projects to achieve maximum cost effectiveness and lead-time reduction. Our staff have the expertise, skill and capabilities to make it right first time, on time.
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